The Evil Reddit Magician SPECIAL Review
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The Evil Reddit Magician SPECIAL Review
Feeds: Allows display of custom entries post this type of RSS Feed.Pages: Apply for custom paging post this type. True to go.Exclude Form Search: The Evil Reddit Magician SPECIAL Review Allows exclusion of this article in the search results out of the search function in WordPress.Has Archives: Lets put the custom post type this post on the archive page. So to False to help trouble later.Admin Menu Options
This is customizable parameters of custom post type menu in the WordPress Dashboard page. You can customize or to default. I would like to skim through this section.
WordPress Integration
Capability Type: Explain why, huh, like, if you choose the custom post type Post, which will operate like Post and similar functions with Page.Hierarchical: Enable split rank for the post.Query Var: Allow execution for custom post type variable query_war this. Usually to call out the homepage article or execute other data known function.Supports: Turn off functions will be supported with custom post type this.Built-in Taxonomies: Select the type of content classification will be applied to this custom post type. Often, custom post type we rarely use the default taxonomy (Tag, Category) too. You can create a custom taxonomy for this plugin too. For example: type dishes.Then you press the Publish button. Immediately you've got even a custom post type comprehensively listed in the WordPress Dashboard then.
Okay, now you can post it on the custom post type. O o o, drilling, before writing, then we should also think about the classification of the article in which the right? Ie create categories for it was that, or rather, we should create a Custom Taxonomy for it. Hic, invite you to read on.
Custom Taxonomy is the same what?
It's the same ... the Tag is available in WordPress, but nothing more. Means that a tag will list the articles share the same tag in it. Custom Taxonomy, too, when you create a custom taxonomy 1 and apply it to the custom, the custom post type taxonomy that will allow you to create some partitions to list the custom post type posts in general as it is a partition. And in this example I will create a custom taxonomy named type dish.
To create a custom taxonomy complete, you can use Custom Post Type plugin that its Maker was introduced above, you on Post Type -> to proceed with creating taxonomy Taxonomies.
You just created as custom parameters that I have explained above, however, there is a section you should note is the option Post Types.
Create custom taxonomy for WordPress
Here means you select post types are allowed to apply for this taxonomy. As in his photos Cong-thuc tick means it will apply this taxonomy own custom post type is the formula that you created above only.
After creating a custom taxonomy, you will have the option to add a taxonomy for the post type you like this application.
Create custom taxonomy in WordPress
And when writing a new post in the custom post type that you'll have a frame-like tag like this entry
Create custom taxonomy for WordPress

click here :
tag :

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